10 Things Parents Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

These are the things you need to know to keep your child (and your wallet) safe!

Pokémon Go is the augmented reality game that is on every social media and news out there. While Pokemon Go is not available in Singapore yet, there are still ways to install the game on your phone and eventually it will be officially available here in Singapore.
Check out the progress on Google map here.

How do you play? You go around searching in your vicinity and the goal is the catch and collect pocket monsters.The game also rewards you for walking certain distances in different locations.Sounds like a perfect game for kids to go out, venture the world and have fun, while having some exercise!
However as a parent, there a few things you need to note when your kids starts to play Pokemon Go!


There have been many cases of injury from distraction walking, we need to set the boundaries for the kids. To make things simple, we can bring the kids to the park, and anyway away from heavy traffic, roads, and crossings.

It is easy for an adult, not to mention a child to get distracted. And people often get too excited when there is a Pokemon sighting or PokeStop, making it very prone for kids to dash across roads.
Do not use headphones and earphones, and turning off the sound will definitely increase their awareness of their surroundings.

And as always, have time limits. Allow them to play for a certain time, just like giving them time to do homework, chores and mealtime.

Playing at night

Bring your child out at night, or having your child old enough to playing play by themselves posts another set of danger. Make sure your kids are brightly dressed, even in parks as to warn cyclists and runners in the park.
There is a feature in the game called a Lure. A “lure” is something other players can see on the app, to let them know that there are more Pokemon here to catch. They can be purchased at less than 2 SGD and obviously, can be used in a much worst ways, so watch out for that!
Do not play and ride

There are several incidents relating to playing while cycling, driving and so on. The fastest way to catch them all is of course to be able to travel to various location fast, and kids are smart enough to understand that.

Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards requires focus and full attention to be operated safely. Enforce your kids knows that they have to be off whatever they are riding, to be able to play the game. When there are riding, their phones must be off.


The best experience every Pokemon Go players agree on is the community, where people are brought together to unite and catch more pocket monsters. These communities are great to meet new people and creates and opportunities to experience openness, however this does not apply to children.

Be sure your kids know to not follow anyone without your presence, strangers might lure them by promising to show them the location of a rare Pokemon, or get their help to find a PokeStop. Much like kids are taught to not follow strangers for candy, the same should be taught for Pokemon hunting. 


A google account is needed to play Pokemon Go. Keep your kids information safe, do not let them give out their identity or privacy accidentally just to play the game or during the game.

1. Create a dummy Google account for them to play with.

2. Never include their own name in their in-game name. Do this by encouraging the kids to be creative and come up with Pokemon related names, and code names.

Now their identity is safe and they are all ready to catch some Pokemon.


Pokemon Go requires data and GPS, your phone will be constantly checking and transmitting data via GPS, which can end up using up a lot of data. The nature of the game requires the kids to go outdoors more often than not, and wifi is no available everywhere.

So the game essentially takes up a huge amount of data, and always monitor your child’s usage, limit the use of data if you are using an Android device. Otherwise, you be prepared for an expensive surprise when your phone bill comes.

In app purchases

That leads us to the problem of in-app purchases, which is easily rectified by turn on parental controls, using passwords for App store and Google play, to prevent access. Pokemon Go is fun itself without any in game purchases.
This might be obvious and straight forward but parents are still receiving expensive bills from apps. Go to your child’s phone or your phone now to turn on parental control. 

Track where they are playing

There is how you can find out how long your child is playing for:

1. Launch Pokemon Go

2. Tap on the Player button at the bottom left of the screen.

3. Tap on the Journal button

You should be able to check where they are catching the Pokemon to see if they went off limits:

1. Launch Pokemon Go from your home screen.

2. Tap on the Pokeball button at the bottom center of the screen

3. Tap on the Pokemon button at the bottom left.

4. Tap on any Pokemon.

5. Scroll down and look at the map to see where it was caught.


Pokemon Go and other games are very addictive, and it is based off the same principles as gambling in a casino. A taste of winning will lead to the need to continue playing. Observe your child after playing Pokemon or any game, becoming too aggressive and rebellion can be signs, and the are having trouble controlling themselves. Always make the kids earn their own playing ours, by behaving, or doing chores and homework.

So what now?

We hope these tips can make you and your family get the best out of Pokemon Go, and be safe at the same time. If you manage to read through everything and is still not convinced that you can trust your child with the game. Just don’t let them play it! If you have any questions or awesome tip you want to share, please leave them in the comments!

With love,

The Makors Team

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