10 Best Parenting Life Hacks

Thursday, April 07, 2016

 10 Parenting Life Hacks by Makorsevents

Being a parent is not easy, the job have stringent requirements where you have disclipine your child and at the same time take care of them with lots of love so that they have a happy childhood. Here are some hacks that can make life easier and if you have other hacks you want to share, do share it with us in the comments!

1. Nail clipper mess. Put a little tape around the nail clipper to catch nail clippings, save you the trouble of cleaning up!

2. Save water. Prevent your kids from always using new cups, now you don’t have to wash so many cups a day. 1 child can use up to 6 cups if they are independent enough to get their own drinks!
Just give them their own cute cartoon cups with magnets and you can leave them to your fridge. Your kids will love it. And it’s really simple to do, just glue button magnets to the cup! DIY items can be found in Daiso everywhere in Singapore. Source

3. Save Soap
. Limit soap usage by twisting rubber bands around the pump nozzle. Use rubber bands from your takeaway chicken rice and prata!

4. Shoe training. Train your kids to wear their shoes on the correct feet. Find a sticker they like, cut it in half and place it inside of the shoes. You can also use tape, and simply write they names in 2 halves. 

5. Keep apple slices from turning brown. Pack lunch for your kids with fresh apple slices. Dissolve some salt into water to create a salt solution, dip or wash the apple slices with water. Drain all salt water away and you will have fresh looking apple slices for the whole day!

6. Splinter removals. Mix baking soda and water to create a paste, and apply the paste on a splinter. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, you will notice that the splinter is out, or that it is exposed more, simply extract the splinter out with a tweezer if the splinter is more exposed and easier to remove.

7. Permanent marker. Use toothpaste and a rag to clean permanent marker off your wooden furniture. One of the many use of our Colgate or Darlie.

8. Make tidying up fun and fast. Race the clock to keep all the toys in the playroom with a timer in your phone or a cooking timer.

9. Prevent kids from getting lost. A very fun idea at the same time - dress your kids in matching outfits. This will make them very easy to identify and people will know that the kids is yours!

10. Grow out of pacifier. Cut off a piece of the pacifier after each time your child uses it. Over a week or couple of weeks, the baby will start to dislike the feeling of a broken pacifier or some there will be nothing left of the pacifier to suck on, and your kids will throw them away themselves. 

With love,
The Makors Team


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