What Is Your Parenting Style?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Is Your Parenting Style?

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What Are The Different Parenting Styles?

The other day at a party, I overheard the kids talking and they were discussing whose parents were the least fierce, easiest, and whose were the most strict. Brought me back to my childhood, when me and my friends would talk about our parents, and made comparisons. Since young, we are very aware of the impact of different parenting styles, and so are kids of all generation.
Parents are unique to their kids, but parenting styles can be categorized. There are 4 main parenting styles and their impact on children. Which one do you fall under? Take a look at the infographic and decide!

Why Are There Different Parenting Styles?

After looking at the different parenting styles, why do styles still differ? Why don’t all parents choose to us the authoritative parenting model and nurture the best and most confident kid?

Your personality, parental background, the culture you grew up in, education, religion, socioeconomic status and family size are some properties that causes parenting style to differ from one parent to another even in the same family. The mother can be permissive, and father to be authoritative, and vice versa. Sound familiar yet?
It is critical for both parents to team up, fuse the effort to explore different approach to parenting for a more unique style that works best, complimenting one another.

Did you relate to the parenting styles? Some might find answers to why they have a certain behavior after learning various parenting styles! I'll will share more on different parenting styles in the future posts, stay tuned!

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