9 Simple But Essential Things Everyone Neglect

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Life as a working Singaporean is never easy. We are always busy, and it feels almost impossible to move closer toward our dreams.
If we have a family to take care, it becomes even more difficult to move toward our dreams.

How do we move forward then? If we do not dedicate time from our everyday life purposefully, to improve ourselves, we will get lost in midst of our progressively busy life.
And before you realize it, we would have lost all that time, at the end of the day thinking where all that time went.

As Mother Teresa has said “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”


We aim to rethink our approach towards our daily life through this article, we will go through the essence of a simple and meaningful life.
We tend to feel tired and drained at the end of our day but the actual fact is that we are demoralized and unmotivated. Hence we live most of our lives filled with unnecessary activities, trivial and not productive.
Leaving us with no time to do anything meaningful, anything to move us forward towards our goals.

Most of us are being stretched too thin, by our bosses, expectations and society. And we are being stretch for the sole purpose of building someone else’s dreams, or to satisfy everyone else other than yourself.
It has always been a norm for us to live our lives on other people’s terms, we are taught to do that in school, by our parents and at work.
As of lately, more and more people are become aware that with proper focus and dedication, we can live our lives on our own terms, and dictate our own future.
We are all responsible for our own future, and we must act now and decide. Else, someone else will decide our lives for us.

A short list of things to do every morning will change your live quickly:

1. Recall what you want to achieve tomorrow.
2. Wake up.
3. Get in the zone.
4. Hydrate yourself.
4. Put the right food in your body.
5. Get ready.
6. Get inspired.
7. Get going.
8. Do something to move you forward.

Yes, the first point does not happen in the morning but how your day is going to work out for us very much dependent and starts from the night before.


We all know the face that sleep is just as important as eating and drinking water. Despite this, millions of people do not sleep enough and experience a great deal of problems as a result.
Singaporeans are the third most sleep deprived of the 43 countries profile by Jawbone, the creator of the digital wristband the tracks sleep patterns.

Studies have found that nearly 3 in 10 people work between 51 to 60 hours a week, while 11 percent work more than 50 hours a week. What's more, 43 percent of the professionals in financial industry are contactable 24/7, which means over weekends and during holidays - over a third had been woken up from their sleep by a call related to work and two thirds had their annual leave had been disrupted by work.

On the other hand, getting a healthy amount of sleep is related to:

  • Increased memory
  • Longer life
  • Decreased chances ofinflammation
  • Better creativity
  • Better attention and focus
  • Lower stress levels
  • Less dependent on stimulants like caffeine
  • Decreased risk of getting into accidents
  • Decreased risk of depression


Start every morning positively, people are like magnets, we attract whatever we allow ourselves to manifest in.
Be grateful and happy for what you already have, and this gratitude will be contagious. The law of attraction will show us ideas and ways you can make your day work for you.
Gratitude has been known as the mother of all virtues, and it is one of the most important key to success.
We cannot move forward without being able to be happy with ourselves and our environment, start appreciating them and we can skip the things we do to make ourselves feel good, and on to our goals.


We all know the importance of exercise, endless evidence to prove that however we still do not have time for exercise, or rather make excuses not to find time.
When we exercise, we get in touch with our primitive selves, exercise would mean the urge to look for food, survival, a way of life.

If we want to live a productive, happy and healthy life, take up the habit of regular exercise. The key to exercising regularly is to find your very own workout that works for you, it could perhaps be doing it the moment you wake up, straight after work, or
a gym session during lunch. Find the workout that you enjoy, cycling, lifting weights, running, or sprinting.

If you combine perfectly timed and most enjoyable workout together, you will find your very own workout routine that is sustainable.


Keep yourself hydrated. Ever wondered why the military made their soldiers drink 500ml of water every hour or so? Water keeps your muscles alive, cools your body, and it also prevents you from falling ill easily.

Give your body a break and allow our mind and body to focus on the more important task by keeping it hydrated.
The next time you feel hungry in between your meals, it could most likely be thirst as your body confuses you with hunger when you are thirsty.

Drinking water in the morning has become so effective and important that the japan found ways to leverage on this knowledge, to create treatments for various health problems such as headaches, menstrual disorders, to diabetes and heart problems. It also produces hematopoiesis, also known as our new blood which helps our body restore to good health.

Water in the morning hydrates your cells fastest after hours of fasting, after a good night sleep.
Drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning purifies our colon, remove the system of toxins, and will leave us with radiant skin. It helps to balance our lymphatic system (a network of tissue and organs that clears toxins in our body) which leads to better immunity, helping us fight a wide range of sickness.The detoxing process also allows better absorption of nutrients into our system, aiding with weight loss.
Drinking at least 1 glass (300ml/10oz.) of water in the morning can boost our metabolism by a great 24%.


Protein rich foods keep us full longer than most of the other foods becomes they take longer to digest. This slowing down of digestion makes us feel satisfied and less likely to continue eating or snacking after meal.
Continue this habit over a few weeks and your calorie savings can help with weight loss.
Another interesting fact: the “thermic effect of food” or TEF, is the energy we use to digest food into small components, ready to be absorbed by the body. Protein has a higher TEF compared to carbs and fat and this means that we are burning more calories to process protein than to process the other two.
Not only that, we will feel less of the ‘food coma’ after meals as we are likely to consume lesser food in one seating, making us productive even after the meal.


A few years ago a very interesting challenge surfaces and trended in the US and it is called “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge”.
Yes, exactly what you think it is: you take a cold shower every single day for 30 days.
Simple, some of you might even be doing that every single day because of Singapore’s hot weather but you will be surprised by how many people around you that uses the water heater.
The account of people completing the challenge had been all positive, and challengers their feedback was that they had increased energy, mental clarity, alertness, motivation, and many more.
Phil Drolet, a Peak Performance Coach and a triathlete, hated cold water but was intrigued and went on the complete the challenge. At the end of the challenger, he felt "total Zen and full of energy".

A 2007 research suggests that taking cold showers regularly can help treat depression symptoms more effectively than anti-depressants. This is because water triggers a big amount of mood-boosting neurochemicals which make you feel happy.
Cold water showers or immersion facilitates physical and mental wellness, providing long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, circulatory and digestive systems that will improve the general quality of your life.
Oh and it can also help with weight loss as it boosts our metabolism!


Ordinary people seek entertainment, extraordinary seek to learn. Take a look at the successful people around us, on the internet and on TV. Their success comes from them using what ever free time they have wisely by reading and learning.
We can ‘read’ with audiobooks while commuting, or even watch Youtube videos.
This Youtube channel specialize in delivering contents in a book in a very visual and effective way.
Reading put us in a zone where we can perform at our best, and with just 15-30 minutes of reading a day, we will start to take on new perspective of the world, become knowledgeable in more topics, and also makes it easier for us to socialize and make connections with new people.


There is no point for us to drive the fastest car when we do not even know where our destination is. Our goals is more important than how we are going to get there.
Goals must be written down, both long term and short term. Take a few minutes to write them down and look at it daily, as we will refine our goals as time goes by.
Look at them daily, to remind ourselves what you are working for, and they will manifest.
Manifesting is very crucial to achieving goals, think about it every day, and our mind will subconsciously brew ideas, motivations and inspirations.
Achieving your goal is simple, it all starts with our goals.


Our mind is like a muscle, it gets tired when it is exercised. And so as our ability to make proper and quality decisions, our ability to make quality decision decreases over time.
That is why we need to do the difficult tasks first thing in the morning. And if we don’t, we essentially will not get it done. Pushing important and difficult tasks to the end of the day is never a good idea, you will be exhausted and drained by then and it makes it so easy to come up with excuses to do it the next day – which we most probably will not, and the cycle goes on.
Always do the task you hate the most first, and save the easy task for when you are tired and exhausted.
This might feel like a very small step towards our big goal, however, you will realize that those goals were not so far away if you just take one step at a time.

With love,
The Makors Team


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