Busy Parents: The BluePrint to Planning Kids Birthday Party

Friday, March 11, 2016

Planning Your Kids Party Is Never Tough!

Planning a birthday party for your kid is the best way to lift up their spirit and boost their self-esteem. On their special day, making them feel like queens or kings is the one of the most precious gifts you as a parent can think of giving them. Making their day a unique one not only proves to be the best day of their lives, but it also makes way for lasting moments. On a kid’s birthday, their main charm is to grab the gifts they get from their close ones. However, as a parent what are the other details that you need to consider? Here are a few suggestions that can turn their day into a memorable, lasting one!

Party Theme Matters

Setting a party theme can turn out to be one of the best and key factors you as a parent should work on while planning for your kids birthday party. Come up with exciting themes, such as a pirates birthday party (for boys), or a Barbie themed party (for girls). In Singapore, you will see Frozen theme parties everywhere it is really popular!
Setting a captivating theme around their special day makes them feel more comfortable and have the best time of their day. For special themes, you can call in decorators, set up gift packs, games, colorful crafts, and call in the best caterers in town. Keep a track on what their interests actually are; go through their interests for a better idea. This will help to organize the perfect adventurous birthday.

Invitations and Guest List

For kids, you have to call in their age group friends, other kids they love to play with. You can plan special invitation cards, but forget about physical cards, make your own awesome kids party invitation cards online and share instantly via Whatsapp or Facebook! 

Balloon Decorations

To brighten up the entire party and make it colorful, you can call in balloon sculptors to create cute characters with their impressive talents. Such decorators come in handy for themed parties, and they can create the mood and environment with balloons. We all know how much kids love to play with balloons, so call in professionals and take their party thrill a notch higher. Helium balloons are a great start, affordable and easy to set up!


Kids love games, and nothing can make their party more entertaining than setting up special games like musical chairs, pinata/ balloon pinata, treasure hunt, and so many others. You can also decide to call in a balloon sculpting and a face painter, which kids love a lot these days and they are affordable. Be sure to get a professional photographer to capture all the little happy moments too!

Keep Special Candy for Kids

Every kid loves to grab a piece of their favorite candy, make their day extra special by ordering some of the best candy. You can also order custom made ones in various shapes like their favorite characters. Pack them into fun little goodie bags as door gifts, the kids will feel special! We have good news for you if you stay in Bedok, there's a wholesale snack store just nearby,

Party Poppers and Other Decorations

You can add in other fun with party poppers, hats, magical wands, starts, glitters and so many other decorations that can instantly lift their celebration spirits high.
And parents, you do not need hire special decorators! Helium balloons are awesome decorations, and you can get $2 props from Daiso or DIY from materials in our favourite art store!

Saying Goodbye

Have the birthday kid say thank you and good bye personally at the door and hand them the party bag or goodie bag!

With love,
The Makors Team


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