Minecraft Themed Party Ideas with Printables

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Here you will find sources to your ultimate Minecraft theme party

We have helped many families out with themed parties and the Minecraft theme has been increasingly popular! So let's get straight to it! Ideas and must haves for your Minecraft themed party!


Pop-up cards:

Source: Esty.com 

Invitation cards:

Credit: printable.com


DIY printable figurines:

Find it here: http://minecraftsfanclub.weebly.com/printables.html

DIY printable minecraft blocks:

Find designs here: http://www.fps-x-games.com/2013/10/large-minecraft-printable-papercraft-blocks.html
After all the cutting and crafting, it should look a little something like this:

Print individual letters on an A4 paper:

Alternatively, cut out letters on black paper and paste it over green A4 paper. Use paper of 160gsm so it will not look flimsy.

Balloon decoration:


Food Labels:

Print the labels and create a small tent, so the labels can stand on its own infront of the snacks

Cakes design:

Customized fondant cake design available here, where our bakers provide cake unique only to your kid's birthday party.

Cupcakes and cupcake toppers:

Print out these little square and tape it on a toothpick. Stick it into your cupcake to create cute theme cupcakes!


Goodie bags:

Print this on an A4 paper:

Find paper bags from Daiso, they come is packs of 5:

You might want to include some minecraft stickers in the goodie bag!

Find the stickers here at Esty:

With love,
The Makors Team

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